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23. I'm far too optimistic for my own good, but I love it. I love lots of things, but the things that truly make life how beautiful it is:
Panic! At the Disco.
Fall Out Boy
Lana Del Rey
Florence and the Machine.
Surf rock music.
Tales of Series.
Fairy Tail.
Magical GIrl Anime.
Kitties and Puppies!
Being LGBTQ friendly. Seriously more than half of my best friends fit into that catergory.
^I could go on forever, but there's a few things. I'll swtich this up every so often ;P

And I didn't think it was possible, but I have a boyfriend that will make you melt your heart, as he has done to me <3




Sam the Cat with Eyebrows and a Permanent Worried Face

You’ll have to excuse this unrelated reblog. I have just never laughed so hard I almost swallowed my hair

oh my god

i need one

Tale as old as time… by basicallyrapunzel

Tale as old as time… by basicallyrapunzel


i feel like tall people at concerts have everything they want in the world


don’t sexualise things meant for children like i dont care if you think i’m kink shaming you it’s gross don’t do it


I’m just a needy piece of shit that needs constant reassurance that I’m wanted

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